Browser Security (83558)

Seminar in Winter Term 2014/2015

General Information
Juniorprof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hammer
M.Sc. Marie-Therese Walter
Seminar (7 credit points)
Course Material:
Slides and papers suggested during the course

This seminar will discuss approaches to improve security in web browsers, like countering drive-by attacks or privacy threats.

Pre-registration is closed!


The weekly meetings of the seminar will take place Thursdays 13:00-14:00 in room 2.06. building E1.1. Your summaries are due on Tuesday evening 23:59.

Students are supposed to read one paper each week and summarize it. The paper will then be discussed in the seminar based on your notes. At the end of the term there will be a block where each paper is presented based on the results of the discussion.

The lecture notes can only be viewed from within Saarland University. Please use a VPN to connect.

Requirements for successful participation