Secure Information Flow (90490)

Advanced Lecture in Winter Term 2015/2016

General Information
Juniorprof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hammer
Abhishek Bichhawat
Jenny Hotzkow
Tahleen Rahman
Abhishek Tiwari
Advanced lecture (6 credit points)
Tu 12-14, HS 003, E1.3
Mo 14-16, SR 107, E1.3
Mo 16-18, SR 107, E1.3
Course Material:
Slides and papers suggested during the course
2016-02-17, 14:00, HS 002, E1.3
2016-04-13, 10:00, HS 002, E1.3
To get a course certificate, students must: Registration is closed now.

Final grades will be based on the exam (70%) and 2 out of 3 quizzes (one will be ignored for the final grade.)

This lecture will cover static and dynamic approaches to control information flow in programs, standard notions like noninterference that e.g. guarantee that no secret may leak to public output and related concepts.

Tutorial Submissions:
Regarding the tutorial submissions, the solved assignment sheets need to be submitted by the Monday following the lecture on Tuesday by 14:00 (e.g. for the lecture on 27-10-2015, the submissions are due 02-11-2015, 14:00). Any submissions after this time will not be considered except for a valid reason and shall not be evaluated.

The submissions need to be dropped in the homework submission locker in E1.3 ground floor right-corner. If you enter the E1.3 building from the main entrance (i.e. next to iCoffee), they are in the corner on the right. Please drop your submissions in the bottom-most locker in the second column from the left. The locker is labeled "Secure Information Flow WS 2015/16". The submissions will not be accepted in the tutorial slots by the tutors and not being able to find the locker will not be considered a valid reason for non-submission on time.

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