Secure Software Engineering (85942)

Basic Lecture for Bachelor Cyber-Sicherheit in Summer Term 2015

General Information
Juniorprof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hammer
Jenny Hotzkow
David Pfaff
Marie-Therese Walter
Basic lecture (6 credit points)
Monday 10–12, HS 002, E1.3
Tutorial 1: Tuesday 10–12, SR 014, E1.3 English focus group
Tutorial 2: Wednesday 14–16, SR8, E2.4 English focus group
Tutorial 3: Friday 12–14, SR 107, E1.3
Tutorial 4: Friday 14–16, SR 107, E1.3
Course Material:
Slides and material suggested during the course
2015-07-27, 10:00, HS 002, E1.3
2015-10-14, 14:00, HS 002, E1.3

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The lecture covers multiple methods aimed at the creation of secure software, ranging from threat modeling and vulnerability analysis, specification mechanisms, security-aware software development and testing (Security by Design), and general best practices. After attending this course, we expect students are able to create, test and certify secure software and to have developed a profound understanding of security in the context of software engineering.

Lecture Notes

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